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Who we are



Vincenzo Moccia

(Board Member)

Vincenzo owns a degree in Economics and started his career in 1982 as a financial analyst at Kinetics Technology International SpA. In 1985 he joined the financial department of Engelhard Spa. as responsible for treasure. In 1987 he was appointed CFO of Mercedes Benz Finanziaria and served in this position until 1991. From 1991 to 1996 He held several position at American Express. In 1996 he moved to Bulgari Spa where he covered the role of Strategic Business Planning Director, Supply Chain Senior Director and General Manager. In 2001 He was appointed Italy District Manager at Gucci Spa and later General Manager at Dior Italia. In 2005 he started his experience in the yachting business as Sales & Marketing and Communication Director at Baglietto Group. In 2007 He moved to Azimut Benetti Group as Sales & Marketing and Communication Director and later became CEO of Leopard Yachts in late 2009. In 2012 he started his own company MV Yachting Srl and MVY Ltd. as director in 2016.

Emanuel Tua

(Board Member)

Emanuel attended Politecnico di Torino, structural architecture. In 2001 started his career Banca Madiolanum as financial and insurance broker, after few years has been selected in Systema Mutui S.p.A (Meliorbanca Group) as specialist agent in loans. During these exciting financial expirience as registered Agent in Financial Activities and Loan Agent in Bank of Italy met Mr. Massimo Notte (First CEO Banca Woolwich Italia) and Mr. Carlo Rossi where they expressed their interest to bring Loan's Broker Agent, as in English-speaking countries, in Italy asking to share this project with them, so borned Carila s.r.l. Starting by 2007, concurrently with financial and loans activity, i approached international market as consultant and developer in food & beverage and commodities as well. 2012 was the year when Michael Page Personel look for Emanuel as Manager for Gexc Group (Global Energy and Commodities Excange Group). 2012 was the year where met Mr. Franco Cremante (McKinsey&Company) and Mr. Vincenzo Moccia sharing their vision and projects till now with Vincenzo.

Gabriele Petrone

(Security Operations and Consultancy)

Gabriele is a top specialized contractor, with a long military career, operating in all world's risk area as Governative and Private Security team leader. He and his team have a vast amount of experience of high profile often dangerous,across the globe.

Skills can be utilised for your security needs big or small, public or private sector

As Director of Operations supervise and coordinate all activities for special ops.

- Feasibility analysis

- Security assessment

- Logistical planning of operations

- Planning and study plan of evacuation

- Risk analysis

- Business Intelligence

- Budget analysis

- Security officer for the presidential family in Congo.

- Escorting diplomats.

- Escorting civilians in high-risk areas.

- Antiterrorism security official aboard naval units.

- Security and antipiracy procedures official.

- Team leader, K9 anti-explosive unit.

Actually he is engagend with MG8 Security Service Ltd. UK-Africa in Tanzania. MG8 is a leading UK company in the security industry and is active Worldwide. 

Why Us?

Our team is well connected in strategic countries in Europe, Usa, Asia, East Europe, Central & South America, Australia and Middle Easth at top level and with Top Partners able to resolve all your needs.